Unknown reduced charge danish M1910 9x23 cartridge

Put up this two days ago and asked on our local forum, but didn’t get an answer. Maybe they are super rare…
arma-dania.dk/public/timeli … ditid1=203
I haven’t taken one apart and not put a magnet to it but it seems to be a standard danish made (nickeled) bullet in a standard case of the un-headstamped kind prevalent before ca 1934. It has been suggested they were for an experiment with submachineguns (direct blowback etc) but I don’t know…
Anybody know more about these?

Soren - I hope someone can give a definitive answer on these rounds. I have one in my own collection, but don’t know anything more about it than it is supposed to be a reduced velocity load. I did not cover it in my book on the 9 x 23 because it was unknown to me at the time of publication of that work, and seemed, at that time, to be unknown in Europe as well. I had a lot of help with that work, and no mention of that cartridge ever came up.

Interesting. Perhaps some will find their way to SLICS?

It’s nonmagnetic. And no visible difference to other Danish 9x23 bullets.

Thanks to Defender for putting a magnet to one. I might be able to persuade the owner of the box to let me pull one in the name of science. Btw: Any more boxes known? I’m trying to narrow down the years it was made.

Soren - Persuade the owner of the box to let you photograph it (all sides with print) and put it on the Forum here to drive all us crazy. Well, come to think of it, you can’t “drive” me crazy; it is only a short walk for me to get there, not a “drive”.

Seriously, I think all of us interested in this caliber would love to see a picture of this box, and would be very grateful to the owner of it if he helps make that possible. It is an important box, if it shows the loading.

My round, by the way, has only enough green left to call it a green primer seal, rather than a green head. It has not headstamp, and a non-magnetic CN FMJ bullet. The primer cup is brass and there is one case cannelure. Typically Danish in appearance.

Soren - Sorry for asking you supoly a picture of the label. I see you already did via link in your initial posting. Thank you.