Unknown revolver round, ID help needed

Some years ago I bought this round that I listed as “unheadstamped 10.4 Italian Ordnance” round in my collection. Its dimensions match those of the italian 10.4 revolver round but I don’t knwo if I am right with my ID. I would like to know the possible country of origin or its maker if possible. Measures are also very close to the 44 Russian round, although the shorter case.

Lead bullet, brass case and flat copper primer. It had a black powder load.

Dimensional data:

rim diam: .518"
head diam: .467"
mouth diam: .447"
bullet diam ( just outside the case): .424"
case lenght: .843"
OAL: 1.299"

Without checking measurements it might be the .44 American & the case looks like it might have been made by either the American Metallic Cartridge Company or the Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Company

My first reaction was that Pete’s ID as a Phoenix/Am Met .44 S & W American was correct, but upon checking dimensions it seems to me the head diameter is about .020 in. too big and the rim perhaps .010 oversize. The cartridge shown has a fair amount of case taper whereas the American is nearly cylindrical. The head and primer do look OK for Phoenix, but otherwise it’s an odd one. Jack

I think it’s just the civilian version of 10,35x20R Ordinanza Italiana
this are the measurement of a round Leon Beaux
RØ - .514
HØ - .460
SØ - .440
BØ - .416
CL - .836
TL - 1.232
very similar

Thanks alla,
The 44 S&W american has a larger head and bullet diam, at least checking out my American samples.

Norby, any idea about the maker? The bullet shape is a bit odd for a Glisenti round, but, as you noted, diemsnional data match those of the italian ordnance perfectly

this is round a Leon Beaux

this is a very strange bullet for Glisenti, but in those years the civilian versions had no controls