Unknown rifle case-hst indicates 7.5mm

can anybody tell me what kind of case this is.
It is the case on the left, next to a 30-06 case, to which it is very similar.
The case is copper coloured with a brass crimped primer.
Headstamp is: FN 64 7.5


Was it somebody’s metric designation for the .30-06? France or whatever?

No, the metric is 7,62 x 63 and not 7,5


[quote=“FlyingDutchman”]No, the metric is 7,62 x 63 and not 7,5

The 7,5mm MAS was a .308 so its not without precident, but I don’t know, its just a suggestion, the cases look so similar.

The 7,5mm MAS was a .308 [/quote]

That is an interesting remark and made me think.
If I remember correctly (and maybe one of our french forum members can jump in),
it is not allowed in France to own a rifle in a military caliber (in this case 30-06).

Although FN didn’t produce too much sporting ammo, maybe it was a try to get around the law
and the project never got off the ground.


Maybe just a mis-headstamped .30-06?

could be of course, but

  • FN never put the metric caliber a 30-06 case (either .30, 30-06, a star or the year)
  • French 30-06 cartridges have 7,62 at the 6 O’clock position
  • I got this case from a french collector

From what I know, FN made 7,5 MAS in 1964: this headstamp is in Jean Huon’s book about the French 7,5 cartridges.


Perhaps the wrong headstamp bunter was used if this headstamp exists on 7.5 MAS.

As Domi says, this is a known 7.5 x 54 headstamp made by FN for export and is found in both ball S90 and tracer L96 loads. I don’t know if this was a mistake or was made on purpose to identify a proof or experimental loading.

normally the copper finish on this case indicate a proof case