Unknown rocket




132mm rocket “aerial target imitator”, of Russian origin. At least its body index 3П10 (3P10) says so
Warhead marked “inert”


Maks basically said it.
The small sheet metal holder on the right fin with the 3 holes in it is used to attach electrically ignited flares which make up for a better heat source simulating a larger rocket or aircraft.
Used for AA training.

The initial design of these was the well known M-13 Katyusha MLRS from WW2. Basically seen in all Russian war footage.
When the system became obsolete the rockets were repurposed (also the live HE variant) for practice purposes.
In 2003 I saw original WW2 made HE types in a Russian ammo depot (basically invaluable items) along with refurbished types. All were earmarked for disposal.


There was a variant with the flare screwed into the fuze well.


Vince, do you have images or manuals showing the complete front arrangement with the actual pyrotechnical unit before firing?
I saw these unfired in storage but then the simulator was not installed, only the aluminum cylinder with the holes was pre-mounted (looking almost like a drum of a revolver).


No, i don’t have any docs or manuals. This is the only one i’ve ever seen. I don’t even know if the simulator was ignited electrically or with some setback device.


I wondered about that too. Looking at your image it appears that the holes in the aluminum cylinder are holding metal screws which do appear like cables can be connected.