Unknown round

Hello IAA members,
I Have a cartridge with these dimensions of; All dims are approx. ± .002…
Bullet Dia.= .260 (6.60)
Shoulder Dia.= .416 (10.56)
Body Dia.= .472-.473 (11.99-12.02)
Case Length= 1.992-1.994 (50.59-50.65)
AOL= 2.998 (76.17)
The head stamp area is slightly convexed, and there are three large indentations approx .075 (1.90) in length around the primer at 12:00, 4:00 & 8:00…
On this side of town I can’t seem to find any thing, so I hope you can.


What’s the rim diameter?

Sounds like a 6.5 Arisaka except for the body diameter which would only be .455 on the Jap.

No headstamp?


I’d say 6,5 mm Jap too

You probably measured the rim diam,that is about .466" instead of body diam

All the other data match the Jap round,the un marked and 3-way crimped base match too