Unknown RWS bullet

It is on a 6.5 x 68 cartridge headstamped “RWS 6.5 x 68” with black sealant around the primer.

Steel jacket with the RWS mark on the base ( “R” ). Rounded red plastic tip.

very similar to the old Hohlspitz bullet except for the plastic tip

What is the name of this bullet?

Hello Pivi, this H-Mantel bullet was designated “H-Mantle Hollow Point Bullet, Covered 131 grains”. Spanish language catalog designation was “Blindaje ‘H’ punta de plástico 8,5 gramos”.

Many thanks Fede!

Do you have any date of production?

Pivi, I have seen this bullet listed in early 1970’s RWS catalogs.

Pivi, I’ve found it listed in a Waffen-Frankonia 1964 catalog. This is the ballistic data:

Thanks Fede, this bullet is not listed in the 1973 catalog

Pivi, the German designation of this bullet was “HMP” (H-Mantel-Plastikspitze). It was last listed in their 1972 catalog.