Unknown sealed shotshell box 'Nimrod'

I have this sealed box of Nimrod shotshells. What can I expect to find inside?


Open the box and look!
Bob R.

German made, 16-gauge and probably paper with brass base section.
Centrefire ( central primer), using a “large” primer (“batterycup??”)

Box 408 of 700 (handwritten), 6.00 Marks packet of 100, or 7 Pfennige each “st” == Stucke" (individual) ( discount for quantity).

No idea as to maker ( Cases are pre WW II, maybe even pre-WW I); one would have to look up ALFA 1911 catalogue for price comparison, to date the Packet…they may even be listed in the ALFA book.

Nice piece of sporting history.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

There’s probably no connection here, but wasn’t “Nimrod” a UMC shotshell at one time?

I remember that because of the name “Nimrod”. Nimrod was a biblical character known as a “mighty hunter” therefore the name for a shotshell.

But it’s a great name for anything, don’t you think? As in, “I think I broke my nimrod.” Or, “You’re such a nimrod.”


“NIMROD” means a “mighty hunter before the Lord” and this was a tradename used by a number of ammunition companies in Europe.

It was adopted by as a good ‘hunting’ title by the NIMROD GEWEHRFABRIK, THIEME & SCHLEGELMILCH (Nimrod Rifle Factory) which was founded in Suhl in 1852 by Heinrich Schlegelmilch and his friend Thieme. It appeared on sporting ammunition produced for THIEME & SCHLEGELMILCH by RWS.

According to IAA #392 : The name Nimrod appears on some other headstamps as well as those produced for the Normal Powder Syndicate etc. Sellier & Bellot, Schonebeck in Germany registered this name in 1903 and it can be found on the headstamps of both printed and unprinted red cases. A much later use of the name was by White Stores Inc. Texas, who had Nimrod headstamped cases made for them by Alcan in both plastic and paper.

I suspect this packet is an example from Sellier & Bellot, Schonebeck and the hs should be something like "NIMROD * 16 * " possibly with an “SB” marked primer.

White Stores Inc Nimrods were also made by CIL in plastic.Disc in 1973.
Dominion Cartridge Co.sold primed empties as Nimrod in 1886 hs DCCO No 10.The packages were marked Nimrod.