Unknown shell and markings (SMT - 938)


first of all, i’m new here and would like to say hi to all members of this forum!

recently i have found this empty shell in my garden while digging something. im from a small harbour town of Rijeka, Croatia and considering the historic facts about this area i assume its an ww2 era piece. during the 40’s fascists occupied the town and splitted it into half along the river creating Italian Fiume and Yugoslavian Sušak. my house is on the previous borderline Yu side and was a strategic point for Partisans so…
…I would much appreciate if someone could ID the marking for me (i’m no collector, just curious about it ;)

Due to decay i found it hard to measure but roughly it says 58mm in lenght, 9mm on the top and bit over 12mm at the bottom (8.??x58 maybe?)
here’s the scan:


It is made by Societa Metallurgica Italiana icongrouponline.com/pr/smi_- … it/pr.html
in 1938.


i assumed it was italian…will continue with digging…who knows what else lies buried underneath…


That cartridge case appears to be for the 8 m/m Breda machine gun. It was the standard Italian MG round in the second war, used particularly in the Breda M37 and M38 guns. Jack