Unknown SNEX 9 headstamp on 9x19mm and 7.65mm Browning


The following headstamp showed up about a year ago on two fired cases from a range in Europe. It has also shown up in the US. It is listed as unknown on the AFTE website.


Just recently some 32ACP cases headstamped SNEX 9 7.65mmB showed up in Europe. Internet searches have not turned up anything that might indicate who made this ammunition.

Any ideas???



9mmP SNEX headstamp

Hi Lew:
I just received an email from a Law Enforcement officer in France (Chief Inspector). He saw I had this headstamp posted on my website in a list of “Unknowns” . Below is his reply.

“Bonjour Curtis,
This is a contract ammunition made by FIOCCHI for the Marocan Govt. I have seen 2 different boxes, one with the normal bordeaux color, the other one red, typical from FIOCCHI.
Hope it is of any help to you.”


This has been tentatively identified as a Fiocchi contract for Morocco.