Unknown soviet 45x125

Here is a photo of Soviet experimental 45x125. Unfortunantely no more data available to me.

Headstamp is OP7 67 147. So the specimen was manufactured in 1967. And manufacturer is FGUP Splav.

Interesting. Judging by the relatively small size of the cartridge case, I assume that it was for an aircraft gun.

If you select the highlighted 45x125 in Yuri’s post above it takes you to the ammo-collection forum (in Russian so I used an online translator) and a response to Yuri’s post on that forum indicates this round may have been an experimental cartridge for helicopter use but was never adopted.


Yuri, this is an experimental aircraft cannon round that is designated AZ-45 (АЗ-45) but I don’t have more information.

Thank you Fede!! Will search for information about AZ-45.