Unknown steel shotshell

Hi all,
Can anybody help me on this all steel case.
It has three holes on the top.
Primer is gevelot.
The dark grooves are all around the case and of different lengths.
Any help is welcome.

I’ve seen metal shells with similar holes used to secure the topwad, but can’t remember if they were French or Italian, or perhaps elsewhere. so not much help. Sorry.

What are the dimensions, and how deep/high in what looks like a raised portion on the inside of the case?

I will do some measurements tomorrow.

I tried to do measurements, but my calipers died.
So here is as good as I could.
rim is 21.9 mm
above rim 20 mm
total lenght is 67 mm
rim thickness is 1.0 mm
raised portion inside the case is 40mm from the top.

hope this is enough

regards rene

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Sounds like average dimensions on 12 gauge, 2.75", to me.
Are there any markings on the base, (hard to tell in the poto)?

Indeed very close or even similar to 12 ga.
I cannot find any markings on the bottom or anywhere else on the case.

Regards René

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Considering the interior, my guess would be a signal cartridge, or other specialty cartridge.
Hopefully the experts will come up with something more substantial.