Unknown (to me) early Super Vel Box

This box is 38 Special, not 9mm Luger, but still caught my attention. it is a Super Vel box style I have never seen before. I suspect it only occurred in this caliber. It has the Shelbyville Ind address on the back. The headstamp is “SUPER VEL .38 SPL.”. It contains 45 fired cases with this headstamp and five R-P fired cases.


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Article on Super Vel may provide some insights:

Super Vel, 1969.pdf (3.2 MB)


This may be one of the first box printings for Super Vel’s 147 Grain Lead Wadcutter “ultra Match” Loading. I believe the .38 Special cartridge was the first caliber of cartridge offered by the company. Just a supposition. Lee Jurras started out in the early 1960 selling only bullets. I am not sure how they were initially packaged, but I remember them coming in black boxes with some color to the printing. Faint memory from a long time ago. It was a few years before he started making ammo. By that time, I had just started at the S.F. Gun Exchange, but I think it was awhile before we started selling the product.

John Moss

A Jurras box & a Super Vel bullet box. I don’t have a Jurras bullet box.
Jurras%2038%20SPL%20box super%20Vel%20bullets%20box

BDs article indicated athat in early 1967 limited production for LE only, but by late 1967 sales were made to the shooting public.

It implies that in the late 1960s or so, they introduced the .38 Special Ultra-Match with a 147gr HP wadcutter bullet and a special non-grease lubricant. This amo provided 10 shot groups from a machine rest with average spreads slightly under 2 1/2 inches at 50 Yards.

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Early 60’s Jurras bullets by “The Handgun Room”:

The stylized “SV” initials are also found in boxes of Super Vel primers.