Unknown to me gunsmiths or wholesellers


Have you any info about :
Luthy (Neuchatel Switzerland)
Maison Constantinou
Osman Holil
Spiro Youahim, Beyrouth

who were sfm customers before WWII


This is all I can help you with.
Luthy, left and right looks French.
The two in the middle German.
They also have sinoxid primers.

Regards rené


On an old forum message you asked about a flobert with SY headstamp which was Spiro Youahim,Beirut, made by Sellier Bellot. Shotshell likely same.

No info on Mitrami other than Italian made. Found someone asking about the same shell on an Italian forum in 2009. No one identified manufacturer.


Hello René
Apparently H. Luthi was a gunsmith in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Here is the picture of the sfm made ctges in 1961

And the ones made by SFM in 1935


hello Curtis
The Mitrami was made by SFM in 1922.
But I don’t know who is this customer

About SP for Spiro Youahim, I know some of the ctges were made by SFM and I still look for info on this customer. Perhaps I will have some info as soon as i have time to read old Phone books from Liban
I will let you know