Unknown to me, possible blank?

Unknown to me blank of sorts?

Weight; 418 grains
Length; 60mm
Rim; 15.86mm
Base; 14.07mm
Neck; 6.32

Completely NON magnetic.

What is the parent case?
All I know is that I want one ;-)


Hi Joe,

It is a Russian PPL electric primed cartridge used to re-cock 23 mm and 30 mm guns. Metric designation is “6,18 x 60 mm”, but rarely used.





Thank you.



Well I am glad to have this one. ;-)


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Fede, these are also used as a power source for bomb clusters.

Hi Alex, do you have Russian documentation indicating this? As far as I know, only the shorter PPL-T cartridge was used for that purpose, although I’m aware there is an Iraqui brochure confusing the purpose of both items.



No doc here but I once (in 1994) handled a Russian cluster container (reusable) which had this one installed to open the hatches. Back then I did not think it was special and did not take any images.
I shall investigate this further and come back if I remember it all!

So what is the official designation, and who made it?

Do you remember if you extracted the cartridge? I’m wondering this because the base, primer and sealant are identical in some examples.

As Fede said “PPL”.


What does the acronym PPL stand for?
Is there a certain factory the made these?

Actually it had a separate chromed chamber insert for the device which had the exact outer shape of the PPL.
The chamber itself was empty as the container was damaged after use (came from Angola) and had shrapnel impacts all over.

“PP” stand for “Piropatron” and “L” for “Latun”, so in English it would “Pyrotechnic Cartridge Brass” (literal).


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Yours looks like an example made by Barnaul.

For Russia I have only seen Barnaul made ones.
Do you know of any others?

Even for abroad the manufacturers I know of are few.

Thank you both very much as usual.
I now have it cataloged.

Alex, thanks a lot, it is great to learn more about other uses of this cartridge. I just look at some of my manuals and found that it was used in DZU-1 and DZU-1A locks to release loads between 50 and 500 kg.

Here is a drawing of the chamber:

And the real thing:



Fede, ah, yes! Now as you are reminding me, bomb locks too!
Hope I will find reference on that dispenser.