Unknown to me the bullet


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I got the last bullet, I can not fit it into anything :-) Can someone help?

Diameter - 17,91mm - 0.705 Length - 80,08mm - 3,152

4 ailerons stainless steel welded to the body. In the bottom of the pressed-in sleeve to ground tracer.All bolted to the two elements, the distance therebetween aluminum. (Sealing)? . Summit painted red paint at the height of 7.4 mm - 0,291`. P
art painted green paint, bottom, with darts, a natural steel, unpainted.
I can not find anywhere any information about it.

Thank you for your help !




not a bullet, but an ÜB-T DM28 (Practice training subcaliber) projectile used for the German PZF3.


Well, everything is clear :-)

Thanks for the quick reply, Orpheus.




This is not the DM28 but the earlier DM18 for the Pzf 44 (note that the tip is pointed, not rounded like the DM28). The manufacturer of both examples is Nico.




The official name in the German Army was AG 44. Pzf is just the abreviation for Panzerfaust.
Regarding the function the device was screwed into a kind of hollow charge shaped barel. Tehe blank non anodised small diameter directly behind the thread was the area where the igniting charge (looks like .22 lr blank) burns through the aluminium and lights the blackpowder charge which propells the rocket shaped “bullet”.
Due to the fact that this is no rocket as the normally used hollow charge one need a kind of resistance part which is stored in the larger diameter on the backside of this device. It contains besides of a cartbord disk glas pearls which give a resistance as long as the “bullet” has left the grenade thrower.



Thanks Fede and Desperado … I like a lot of information :-)