Unknown type German 7,9 Mauser bullet

This year I was able to find a not known 7,9 Mauser round with an interesting bullet.
From the outside it looks like a normal SmE zinc plated.
What interested me was the head stamp cg St+ 34 44 with no primer crimps.
This is the same head stamp as the so called “gaspolster” round. Cartridges used for internal testing had no primer crimps.
These day’s they try to make bullets without using lead.

Because I would like to know how the round looks inside, I made an appointment with my Dentist.
The result was that the core seems to be made of sintereisen. At the points where the bullet goes to the grooves of the barrel are only small dots visible.


Dutch, I never found out anything about the “why” of this round. I had it and the Gaspolster version, with the deep groove around the circumference of the bullet just above the case mouth. Like yours, no primer crimps and the same lot and date on the headstamp of both rounds.