Unknown whatzit

can anyone tell me more about this .577/450 all steel cartridge.
Probably a reloadable training round for the Martini-Henry.
But I do not know the maker or country of origin.
All steel 577-450 training round|690x385


That has a high gee whiz factor!

WOW!!! That’s a most interesting piece

Great item!
It might be easier for all when an image is visible.



Image is there - just click on the link in my mail.
Obviously the other two members can see it.


Jim, I do too but it is not visible initially. It is much easier to see it this way rathern than clicking around.

In all my years of collecting and in particular the Sniders and Martini Henrys have I ever seen such a
piece it sems to be a dummy training round?? As far as I am concerned there is only one other
collector that could have possessed a second one because he specialised in these Canadian
and early British cartridges is the late John Belton only those that desolved his collection should
have an answer to that question!!

I like sub caliber training rounds and this looks like one. The style of the "B’ looks Germanic. I can’t tell if the inside of the bore at the tip of the bullet is rifled. I suspect not.

I have similar items where a BB or a round lead ball is dropped in and then a primer of some type is inserted in the primer pocket. The diameter of this bore may indicate the type of BB. The type of primer may be identifiable from the diameter of the primer pocket, The pivoted leaver in the base looks like it is to remove the primer to reload the sub caliber. A cast of the “chamber” may give you better insight into what it is loaded with. It could of course have been loaded with some sort of pellet.

A lovely item. Congratulations on finding it!

Merry Christmas,

The primer is Berdan and the hump in the pivoting arm is the anvil against which the priming charge is crushed. Jack


Yes the letters are Gothic not surprising as the piece was found in Germany. I can add that the piece takes a round lead ball 4mm in dia. The Berdan type primer is 6.45mm
from a Mauser M71.

Possible manufacturers either Lorenz or Dreyse.

Merry Christmas to you also.