Unknown WW2 .45 ACP round need help

Hello all, my father’s gun cabinet had a “drawer of ammo” he infrequently added to, last touched since at Least the 1960s, that I cleaned out and packed up when he passed. I found some interesting rounds , two of which are .45 ACP, but has an interesting case neck and red flat nose. The headstamp is RA4 - which apparently from other posts i’ve Searched is Remington Arms, 1944. But what is the round itself can anyone ID? Thanks

Cartridge, Shot, Cal. .45 M15. Loaded with No. 7 1/2 Chilled Shot. For hunting small game with the .45 pistol. Packed in 20 rd cartons, contained in the Army Air Force B-2 and B-4 emergency kits. Search this site and I’m sure there is more information. Hope this helps,

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Thanks Taber! Will search that round and read all about it ! Appreciate the quick reply.