Unkown 9x19 Steel Dummy

Can anone identify this solid steel chromed 9x19 Dummy? (See photo below). I am told this could be West German, is this correct? There is no headstamp, and the base has a semi circular hollow where the primer would be for firing pin clearance. Any info would be helpful.

If I see the grooves I say Swedish. I’ve this one not seen by my own but if I compaire to other calibers ( in my case 7.62 nato) they look similar and are very distinctive. Wishes, Jan.

I have the identical item and it is a solid steel version of the Swedish green bullet drill round. I’ve had mine since the early 70s or late 60s and was sent it from Sweden as a Swedish armours dummy.

Cheers Lew, would this heave likely been made at Karlsborg?

I wouldn’t even make a guess who made this item. Perhaps one of the Swedish collectors knows!