Unkown bullet please help

Found this bullet but can’t find what it is? Anyone know

The year looks like 1962 to me. Probably the Match version of the 7.62x51 NATO round, designated as the M118, made at the Lake City (MO) Army Ammunition Plant. It used a 173 grain FMJ boat-tailed bullet. Others will know more than I.


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What you have is a cartridge case. Since two people have responded to your question you can now load more photos. So it would help if you took a photo of the cartridge case from the side profile and post that here.



Doing a little research, if the date stamp is 1962 as it appears to be, it is probably not the 7.62x51 M118 Match round casing (as I said earlier), as that round was adopted a few years later, I think 1964-65. Rather, it would probably be a casing for the older .30-'06 M72 Match round, The case length will tell the tale, as the 7.62mm has a case length of 51mm, while the .30-'06 has a case length of 63mm. The bullet used for the M72 and the M118 is the same, 173 grains, boat-tailed FMJ. Despite its use in both of the foregoing match cartridges, it was found to not be a particularly suitable bullet for that purpose, especially in its performance at great distances. A superior 168 grain bullet capable of better accuracy performance at longer distances later replaced the 173 grain BT bullet in the M118 cartridge.