Unkown headstamp on 7.92×57mm case

Recently I got this case marked“7.9/26/10/CK” I think it might be a Chinese original headstamp.Can anybody give any information about it?
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The only Chinese solution is I think,
as follows:
79 7.9mm
CK ChungKing western China
26 10: Year 26 of Republic , October ( 1937)
About the time the first Transhipments of Central and Easter China Factories occurred to avoid capture by invading Japanese Forces…War had started early 1937.

Doc AV.


Thank you!

In checking with Ken Elks’ Chinese ammunition book I see that Jinan Arsenal moved from Shantung province to Chungking in 1937. He implies no known activity by Jinan in Chungking but suggests its tooling was combined other uprooted equipment to help create two new arsenals established in Chungking during 1938, that is arsenals number 20 and 25.

If the cartridge under discussion is in fact a transitional product of Jinan tooling in Chungking late in 1937 there is one oddity about the headstamp. Ordinarily factory identifiers from the mid-1930s on were symbols or numerals to hide the actual location, and CK, as a new maker code in 1937 surely suggests Chungking. My guess, for what it is worth, is that the cartridge case shown was made by Jinan tooling after its removal westward and that the choice of maker ID was a short-lived choice used very briefly. Jack

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Can you tell us where these cartridge cases were found? Country?


There is an old Forum discussion from 2007 in which some cartridges, apparently found in China, are shown and one has the headstamp " CK ★ 24 ★ " . See the cartridge and headstamp marked ‘’ E " in the photo below, from the 2007 discussion:


Link to the discussion:


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Thanks for sharing!I’ve found these cases in Anhui province and Henan province,China

That’s awesome!I’m really really appreciate for your answer!