Unlnown cartridge? American transitional?

A friend of mine sent me these pictures of an unknown cartridge.
He thinks that it could be some american transitional round. There’s a small pin that comes from the base of the case. Any idea of what could it be?




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Dimensions of the cartridge written in the sheet:
case lenght: 13 mm
OAL: 19,3 mm
case diam: 6,6 mm
bullet diam: 6 mm
cylindrical copper case- lead bullet

Hard to tell from the photos and I don’t have access to books at the moment, but this might be a dish base rimfire.

Example of a dish base rimfire: Help identify 32 RF dish base


Really had to see from the photos but with a pin coming from the base center if sounds like a horizontal pinfire for a revolver.
DSCN4024 DSCN4025

Pete, there is no rim. The inner base is somewhat convex, not concave like the cartridge in your picture.

Mario good to see you posting again.
With that input, I can only think it is a jacketed bullet with the jacket cut away at the tip to expose the lead core. Rifle bullets at the base sometimes have a convex shape to the core. The mention of a “pin” was confusing to me.

There are many examples of horizontal pinfires. But your pictures are just too small and of poor quality to be able to see anything about the cartridge.


That friend of mine x-rayed it and it is undoubtely an horizontal pinfire cartridge, since x ray shows a pin that comes from the base of the case to the base of the bullet.
Anyway, there is no rim at all. In other words it is a cylindrical case, like Lefaucheaux and Raphael ones, so it is different than the ones in your pictures.

I saw the “Flobert” and "Perrin conversions"from Aaron’s collection. Maybe it is another conversion attempt . From Lefaucheaux standard pinfire?

Can you get better pictures of it and the xray?