Unmarked 6.5mm x 54mm R Mannlicher

Can anybody help with identifying this 6.5mm Mannlicher cartridge? The bullet is magnetic however I am not certain whether it has a steel jacket or is CNCS.


Doesn’t anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on this cartridge? I have absolutely no idea so any suggestions would be better than none! Anybody…?

Jim: I had intended to check out my small sample of this caliber but have failed to. To my eyes the primer appears to be the 5 m/m type used for many years. The distinct rim bevel and flat head follow early Austrian and Austrian-pattern cartridges (I think), whereas the Netherlands used domed primers and a rounded base with no bevel for most of their production. I would suggest it is Austrian but not bet the farm on it. I wonder if the flat primer feature is as unusual as it seems to me right now. Jack

I appreciate your thoughts Jack. I also had been inclined towards Austria…I have a copy of Conjay’s ‘Obsolete Metric Military Cartridges’ and under this particular calibre they only list one item manufactured with no headstamp. It is described as having a brass primer however they do not specify whether the primer is domed or flat…just that its brass. They have the cartridge listed as being manufactured by Keller & Co. The only real fly in the ointment for me is that I have another headstamped example made by Keller & Co in 1898 but this one has a domed brass primer and a rounded rim - totally different to the unmarked item.