Unmarked 7.62 x 54mm

I appreciate that there is very little to go on but can anybody suggest who might have made this unmarked 7.62 x 54mm round?

the rounded head looks Imperial to me, but that is just a thought, nothing to take to the bank.

This head shape is pre 1930. The case looks very German (WW1), just without hs. These are known in small quantities.

FWIW- Imperial Russian 7.62x54mmR M1908 Type L cartridges with a rounded case head typically have cupro-nickel bullet jackets.

The primer seems to be the large one (6.35 m/m?), which perhaps suggests Russian or British manufacture. Is not the overall length greater than normal? Jack

Jack, compare it to a German DM from 1917.

This is exactly German WWI cartridge
The bullet’s envelope must be magnetic
Primer is smaller then Russian

[quote=“treshkin”]This is exactly German WWI cartridge
The bullet’s envelope must be magnetic[/quote]

Sorry, I should have provided the fact that the bullet is indeed magnetic.

I have been asked to post some pictures of another unmarked cartridge. The photos are a little blurred but are clear enough to make out a very similar shaped head with a brass primer however this round is loaded with the M1891 roundnose bullet. Also German?

I don’t know what is it.
As for me - somebody replace German L-type bullet with Russian M1891 RN bullet.
I’ve never seen before the M1891 bullet fixed in the case neck by mouth crimping

The bullet crimp looked good, so I asked Bill Woodin about it, and He said:

        "I’ve gone through all of our rounds with that early roundnosed bullet – about 90 -  and here is my conclusion, based on our specimens:  I think it is an early German contract round – possibly French – but I think German.”   

In a later e-mail He added: “We do have a German round with those case mouth crimps, but it is later manufacture – with the DWM number.”