Unmarked 7.92 x 57mm blank


Is this unmarked plastic blank a product of Bakelittfabrikken? The head is of brass and the primer is copper. There appears to be no pre-weakening of the nose area.


Really…? Doesn’t anybody have any thoughts on this one? I have no idea at all so any input would be good!


Not that I know much about but this one looks much like a Geco made cartridge.



I have them in 7,92 with steel heads and copper primers, but not brass heads. The one you have looks more German manufacture to me.



Here is a supposedly DAG manufactured one. Brass head and domed nickel primer.


Thanks for posting the photos Joe. There are a lot of differences between my round and those shown by you however the one striking similarity which your photos clearly illustrate are the four tiny dimples on the front of the nose. They are exactly the same on my cartridge.


Hello Jim and Joe,

The first and last cartridges are blanks (“Plastik-Manöver-Patrone”) made by DAG, and as far as I can tell, only the red one was offered under the Geco brand. This company also made a light blue short range platic training cartridge in this caliber, but seems to be quite rare.

The red ones in the middle are “Geco/Bakelitt” brand blank cartridges.