Unmarked 7,9x57 box of "hlb S* 11 44"

The seller had several boxes, all identical, no traces of usual paper label. He theorized that it was for Luftwaffe use and was loaded into belts so no need for labels. The inside box code is “nfw 4”. Warum keine Etikette?

“loaded into belts so no need for labels” is of course utter bs, sorry nonsense. The purpose of the detailed information on the labels was to track the source of defective components in case ammunition malfunctioned. This has nothing to do with belted or not.
“Luftwaffe”, on the other hand is correct, because of the brass cases (instead of steel) that late in the war.
This is Germany in 1944. The reason for missing labels could be everything from broken printing equipment waiting for spare parts to running out of white paper for labels.

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