Unnown 7mm Drill Rounds

Below is a photo of two unknown turned steel dummy rounds I have. Before I post my own thought about these I would be interested in any ideas you may have. Both are notionally .276" (7mm) rounds.

Dimensions are:
OAL 3.64in 92.46mm
Case lgth 2.80in 71.14mm
Bullet .277in 7.04mm
Rim dia. .516in 13.12mm
Head dia. .518in 13.19mm

OAL 3.48in 88,51mm
Case lgth 2.58in 65.6mm
Bullet .287in 7.32mm
Rim dia. .505in 12.83mm
Head dia. .508in 12.91mm

They are solid highly polished steel and have a small firing pin clearance hole.


OK, I’ll toss my hat into the ring.

They are either some of the varied .276 rounds that preceeded the P13 round, or some of the contemporary French 7mm experimentals. I would go with the early UK .276 tests.
I’m going to rundownstairs and check my Labbett book.

Good call.

I believe these are probably RL dummies from the pre-P.13 series. There is one .256" case that is very similar in dimensions and the shorter of these could be a .276" version.

I must admit I have not checked them against the French experimentals but will do so now.


In “British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938”, Labbett mentions drill and dummy rounds along with mentioning over 30 case variations for the .256 and .276 experimental series. None of the shoulder angles shown appear to match your 2 examples. I would still guess they are UK, but…

Good luck.

Thanks Jon, that is my view also.

I have the RL drawings for all the rounds Peter mentioned in the book and as you say, none match exactly, but…

It is unlikely any new material will turn up now but who knows. The Pattern Room still has masses of microfiches from Woolwich that I have not gone through yet.