Unsafe 7.65 Argentine / Belgium ammunition question


Are there any known lots of surplus 7.65 Argentine / Belgium ammunition that are known to be dangerous to shoot that may have made it into the USA?
The reason I ask is I was given a large amount of FN “S & SS” 1933 & 1938 ball ammunition as well as some mixed head stamps from the 40’s.
So far I have pulled ten of each head stamp and pulled the bullets. All are loaded with Hotchkiss Glass Plate Flake powder and all look clean with no clumping no acid odor. While the primers looked iffy,they all fired. All of the brass could be crushed and dented without cracking. None of the bullets were corroded with the clean ammunition.

I have culled the badly corroded brass and leaky necks/bullets. ( FN 48 “S” with a ball powder) I just need to know if there are any year / maker head stamps that are known to cause pressure problems /faulty brass that I need to look out for?