Unusual .30-03 ID Needed

I just picked up what appears to be a standard .30-03, with 220 grain RN CN jacketed soft point bullet. Headstamp is W.R.A.Co. 30 G 1903

The bullet jacket was the impressed “W” on it, but what baffles me is that the bullet tip is magnetic. It’s not the jacket that takes a magnet, just the lead tip. Could this be a Hoxie bullet loaded in an earlier case? I know Hoxie bullets came out around 1907. Any ideas what this could be?

Here’s the round, the first 30-03 on the left. I didn’t take any closeups at the time, since it didn’t appear to be anything but normal. If you need one, I can do that.

The .30-03 was loaded up into the late 30’s and was loaded with the Hoxie bullet, so very probable this is what it is…Randy

Thanks Randy!