Unusual 30MM APFSDS Round - Need Help To ID


Does anyone recognize this 30MM APFSDS round? I had some pictures of it posted on the old forum but do not remember if it was ever ID’d. I decided to section it as I had to see how it was designed. I have never seen a DS projectile like this. The sabot and polymer type windshield are very thick and dense. The windshield even threads onto the “INNER” metal sabot petals. Anyhow, I would love to know more about it if anyone has in information. Thanks big time.


Sabot petals are semi-perforated on the inside so no evidence of individual petals visual from outside

Three Petal Sabot (Outer petals are polymer , inner aluminum or magnesium?)


Jason, did the projectile come with this case? If so what is the hs?

My first guess would be on the Brits since they used this caliber a lot and also did quite some testing with this kind of projectiles.


The case is definitely British. The design of the primer tube and the red lacquer on the outside is typical for these British brass 30mm cases. However, I am unsure on the projectile.


There have been many attempts to devise a satisfactory APFSDS round for the Rarden gun. I don’t recognise this particular one, but then I know little about them. This looks vaguely similar to the successful contender - the Rheinmetall L21A1 (basically, a modified version of their APFSDS developed for the 30x173 stuffed in the 30x170 Rarden case) - but it isn’t quite the same (see below).


Thanks everyone. The case did come with the projectile when I bought it. Of all the design features, the threaded windscreen is most puzzling to me. It seems to me that it would impede sabot separation, or at least slow it down? Maybe that’s the point? :-)

PS: Thanks for the great reference photo of the L21A1, Tony


The cap should not be a problem. It is prescored internally and should splinter along with the rest of the sabot. Could be a step in the L14A2 development line. These shells go through many variations on the way to type classification. Many firms make their money on the R&D rather than the production line.


Yeah, that does make sense. The cap is also pre-scored so maybe it separates into 3 petals at the same time the sabot discards? It probably is some type of experimental prototype. Whatever it is, it one of my fav small bore DS items :-)



[quote=“APFSDS”]Whatever it is, it one of my fav small bore DS items :-)

I’m not surprised - it’s a beauty! I like sectioned rounds, and for the projectile to completely disassemble as well is a bonus.


Thanks, Tony! It took me hours to section that projectile. Hardest DS projectile I have ever sectioned for sure. Not that I have done that many :-)