Unusual 7.62mm NATO cartridge

Does anyone have information on this cartridge? The loading looks like a French 7.5mm lead ball reduced charge cartridge. However the case dimensions are consistent with a 7.62x51mm cartridge. The case is brass and appears to have an electric primer. The stenciled text on the case is Hebrew and translates (thanks Jon) as

7.62 M"M
Experimental Lot


Dave, as I explained to you when I passed it along; it was in a batch of stuff that appeared to be trash or “floor sweepings” from the IMI facility at either Tel Aviv or Natzeret Elite. If you recall, I also found a couple of other previously unseen Israeli rounds and some odd components mixed in with it.

The recessed ring on the base may, in this case, be the result of a removed headstamp. Just a thought. Looks like a real goodie to me, even though I don’t collect this caliber at all.

Dave, very interesting cartridge. France also made a 7,62x51 version and yours may have been tested as a subcaliber round for the Israeli 3.5" rocket launched made by IMI in the 1950’s.