Unusual 7,9x57 "DM 6 18 S67" filled charger "FJ"

Got this strange arrangement, all 5 identically headstamped deactivated rounds have bullets inserted into the cartridges and capped with a piece of paper. I pulled one piece, see below, and vinegar soaked verdigris covered projectile, see the results.

  1. Is “FJ” charger from WWI period?
  2. Any idea why all of this was done? The bullet was difficult to kinetically pull, even though it was removed before. Probably verdigris interfering.



The 2 lug chargers are usually for 7mm ctg.
FJ Frederick Joyce? UK

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The bullets don’t look german to me…

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There are also two-lug chargers for the 7.9 x 57. I had a number of them when I was collecting the 7.9 x 57, and charges for it. As to why some were made with three lugs and some with only two (different makers, of course, or at least for the most part), I haven’t a clue. The mystery to me was always the middle lug on those with three. I could never figure out, even though fairly familiar with 7.9 x 57 mm weapons, what purpose that center lug fulfilled.

John Moss


Never say never but I seriously doubt “FJ” is Frederick Joyce. I have them down as “unknown” because they don’t appear on any authenticated lists.

I’ve seen FJ marked chargers with two and three lugs per side, with and without holes in the springs and with or without a cartouche around the marking. All I’ve seen with finish remaining have had a phosphate coating ranging from a light grey to a dark greyish green. At a guess, based on look and “feel” I’d say they’re German and made pre-1920 … but that’s just a guess guess, not an educated guess.



That bullet looks very good to the German S.Pr, Spitzgeschoss mit Phosphor, of WWI (Kent, p 13-16). Case and bullet are compatible as DWM (DM) made lot 6 of these, June 1918. The meaning of the paper? The clip? Questions…

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Definitely not german Spr even with the black “painted” bullet but let’s wait from the experts

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Same opinion :+1:

Under the black paint it seems to be a cn plated bullet.
Very unusual for a 1918 load.


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I opened another one, it has a different appearance, red annulus, sorry not enough light, but trust me, it is a red annulus. I guess I have to open all of them.


These ones look like some smkL’spur

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This lot was also loaded with SmK Lsp. bullets.

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I decided to open and inspect all of them. I hoped for the paper to reveal something. I did get a surprise. All primers have red pa and all headstamps are identical.