Unusual ammo?

I have a 8mm Mauser. I picked up some 7.62 ammo several years ago. They were surplus ammo. They have a 12 on the top of the headstamp. 54 on the bottom. On each side is a star. I fired one today and after it was fired the casing got stuck in the barrel. If I could get any info on this, it’d be great. Are they safe to use? Red primered.15896931934926931487978096339159|690x920

I hope this is a spelling error. Do NOT fire 7,62 in your 7,92 gun.


This one should be a 7.92x57.

Made in 1954 by Igman Konjic (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Back in the days it was Yugoslavia.

Things to consider:

Make and model of the rifle.
Confirm the caliber of the rifle.
The fired casing is/was stuck in the chamber not the barrel.
If the fired casing has been removed from the chamber please post photos of the headstamp and the entire fired cartridge case (side view).
For the surplus 7.92x57mm cartridge that you took the headstamp photo of, can you take a photo of the entire cartridge (side view of the cartridge)? Do you have the original 15 round box this cartridge came in? If so please post a photo.
Reminder, this surplus ammo is corrosive so the entire rifle (bolt, magazine housing, chamber & barrel) must be properly cleaned after firing this type of ammunition.
Have you properly cleaned the chamber and the barrel of the rifle prior to this event?
Have you fired other makes of ammunition in the rifle prior to this? If so were there any problems?
Has the rifle been headspaced by a competent gunsmith?


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I’ve had this 8mm Mauser for 20 years. My first rifle. Well maintained. First time this has ever happened.

Thanks for the photos.

Hopefully someone more familiar/expertise with this type of situation will chime in on this.

Interesting in that the box label is for 1949 production but the cartridge is dated 1954.


Cartridge and box doesn’t belong together. The latter was made by Prvi Partizan and cartridges should be headstamped 1149 ☆.