Unusual Arm Piecing 30 Carbine round

Hello, My friend has a Arm-Piercing 30 cal Carb round that has a pointed bullet with black tip. Pointed bullet has a small flat tip. Not as pointed as a proof bullet or any other 30 cal bullets. He also has a rounded nose with a black tip. Both have FA 45 Hedstps. He mentions that the pointed bullet was experimental. Anyone heard of this? Any pictures of pointed Carb rounds? Found nothing in Wooden’s book. I will see him and take pictures when the lock down eases. Thanks In Advance

Caliber .30 carbine AP rounds are covered in HWS Vol. II, Chapter 3, beginning on page 45. The roundnose version is covered, with drawings and box labels. I see nothing about an AP bullet with a pointed ogive. Your friend’s pointed-bullet round may be a .30-06 AP bullet placed in the carbine case.

Pepper and Pete show one of the pointed AP Carbine on this post.

I think they are in HWS.
Joe, do you know if it looks like these two, or something else?

Thanks Mel. I saw them once. I will be posting pictures, soon i hope. His 3rd round is just like his pointed round but is di-sected. One could see the inside of the brass case & Arm P bullet. The Headstp says FA but the 45 is missing.

Many Many Thanks To: Mel Petedecoux DennisK Fede Dan Vlad Pepper Sksvlad & John Moss.

Hopefully pictures will be posted soon & I’ll be checking Woodin’s III.


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I came to the right place with my question. If you go back and read that post, you will see all the Gr8 fellas that chimed in. TAKE CARE