Unusual cartridge Australia WWII Camp site

This was found in Australia ~ WWII Camp site ~

Dans%20cartridge !


Any Ideas Headstamp above Thanks


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What you have looks like a U.S. Mk II artillery primer used in large artillery pieces that did not use a cartridge case but used separate loading powder bags.

Page from U.S. TM 9-1901 Artillery-Ammunition-1944:

From the photo you provided of the headstamp on the primer:

MK IIA1 primer

PA = Picatinny Arsenal, where the primer was manufactured

5?19-42 = Production lot number

42 = 1942


Thanks Blokes ~ My wife and I had the finger on the right trigger even down tot he right Arsenal ~ Thanks for the confirmations ~

I am into Local History and archaeology + Metal detectors. Our area in Far North Queensland Australia ~ This area has a massive training recreation and staging area from 1942 to 1946 ~ With Australian ~ and some elements of US forces ~

Plus a confirmed case I made of 52 British Officers and 5 Indian Officer being embedded with the Aust 9 th Div.

Additionally I found evidence of Dutch forces as well.

I / we regularly dig many mystery items especially in view of such history and diverse allies including munitions of a wide variety having been bought back form the North African and Middle East campaigns there are many varieties of munitions found.

My favourite find regarding such fittings was a German Shell primer fitted to the Panzer MkII thru to Tiger I main gun, And more intriguing this primer was fired electrically!

Electric primers were also used before WW I, by the British with the 1 inch Aiming rifle / Nordenfelt.

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