Unusual cartridge (helping Dan Dietz)

Dan got these rounds but he did not know what they were. I took pictures of them and told him that I’d call him as soon as I get an answer from IAA community. They have movable primers, no headstamp at all, they appear to have 2 parts which screw into each other (but could not open because of rust?), the inside cavity has a visible thread. There is a known .45ACP placed at the top of this round for comparison, no measurements were taken. Dan does not use internet. So I promised to call in your collective ID by phone. Thank aforehand.

A I have also posted in another thread tonight, these are for Japanese made replica firearms.

They were made with slightly different dimensions to the real thing so that a real cartridge could not be chambered.

I used to have a replica 1911 magazine that held these. A real .45ACP round was too long to fit into it.

Do a search for Plug Fire and you will find the info you need. I have several of different sizes and the original boxes. An M1 Garand plug fire rifle can costs as much as a real one ($1000 USD). Some of these guns get real expensive. never bought one but have collected the full boxes and many singles for years. I have found them very interesting as there is no standardization between manufactures, and manufactures abound.

Here is a wright up I have saved, do not remember the author. It may be something I put together years back. I do not remember.

Plug Firing & Blank Firing Model Guns For Re-enactors, Collections, Film, TV and Theatre Productions.

What Are Plug Fire Cap Guns?
Plug fire cap guns were designed to comply with strict Japanese gun laws introduced in the late 1960’s. The full metal models are made from zinc/alloy metal and more modern models are made from special heavyweight plastic resins. They are specifically designed to be totally unable to be converted into real firearms. With the 2007 VCRA now in place PFC replicas perfectly fill the gap between airsoft and de-acts, and are ideal for re-enactors, collections, film, TV and theatre productions.
De-acts prices have increased dramatically in recent years, and those “old” de-acts that can be stripped are now commanding exceptional prices! Plug fire cap guns provide an alternative cost effective way of owning a safe but very realistic model of your favorite firearm with the added benefit that they do a lot more!

How Do Plug Fire Cap Guns Work?
Plug fire cap guns (aka model guns) use a small cap and clever cartridge mechanism to produce a very realistic simulation of a real firearm including noise, front venting smoke and flash / sparks and action cycling (blowback and cartridge ejection). They come in all the standard firearm forms, single and double action revolvers, semi-automatic and fully automatic pistols and rifles. PFC models operate and are strippable exactly as the real items without actually firing a projectile. Each model takes the appropriate caliber cartridges adding to the realism.

Plug Fire Cap Gun Construction Materials
Plug fire cap guns are made from alloys to remove any possibility of conversion to real firearms.
Plastic Resin Models are made from several different resin materials, the HW models contain metal particles mixed in to increase the weight and improve the finish, some mixes are listed below:
 ABS resin
 HW (Heavy Weight resin), Manufactures have developed their own proprietary forms.
 SRHW (Super Real Heavy Weight resin)
 HWIF (Heavy Weight Iron Finish)
Full Metal Models are closer in weight and feel to their original counterparts and are usually constructed in two forms depending on construction date:
 Zinc Alloy (Zamak). Widely used in all sorts of die cast applications / models.
 Aluminum Alloys (rarer but more durable than Zamak).

Plug Fire Cap Gun Use and Maintenance
Plug fire cap guns and cartridges do require maintenance, just as their counterparts do! They are not toys, they are precision models and as such need to be set-up and maintained correctly. If used as display pieces they will last forever with just a light oil, however if used regularly they need to be maintained well. For instance, the reusable cartridges must be washed after use in soap and water to remove corrosive residues left over from firing caps as do certain parts of the model itself, detonator pin, barrel etc. Given the correct care they will last for many years, as proven by the fact that many models are now over 30 years old and still going strong! These models need regular care!

This specific model is a “.45 SMG New Type Blowback Cartridge” designed for a Thompson replica. It was made by Model Gun Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Fede, you are good! Checked my stock pictures of what I do not have and the one I have labeled “MGC .45ACP Plug Fire Cartridges for Thompson M1921” is an exact match. The nose, extractor groove bevel and relieve on primer pocket are exact. No way to check dimensions, but I whole heartedly agree.