Unusual German 7.9mm box


While entering some new acquisitions into my collection database I noticed this box (sS. o. L. P 6. L. 31) had a 2nd label under the top one. It was brick red and judging from the date of the top label (1931) it would have to be a Platzpatronen 27 or so I thought.

After steaming the label off with a teakettle it turned out to be a Platzpatronen all right, but a 33 not a 27 (P.28. 7. L. 35.). The loading year (1935) is after that of the label on top!!

Has anyone that collects German 7.9 mm seen this before and how does the older label get put on top of the newer one?

The cartridges that are in the box do not match what’s printed on the sS label but there are several possible explanations for that.


Phil - I have no answer for you, rather a question. The o. L. after the s.S. I assume means “ohne Ladestreifen” (without clips). Is this correct? I don’t recall seeing this form of label before.

Also, I have trouble with the old German alphabet. Does that say “Versuch” (Experimental) after the cartridge designation on the Platzpatrone 33 label?

John Moss


You are correct about the o.L. Many of the early 1930’s Polte labels included the initials i. L. printed in the label but off the top of my head I don’t recall any others with o. L printed on the label.

I misread “versuch” in the Platz label. I have a picture of a Polte Platzpatrone 33 label (P. 14. L. 34) with the same format. What the “Experiment” is for I don’t know. Hello Germany, please help us out here!!!

Ha, it looks like both labels are different than anything I had before!


I just did a quick look through the sS labels and found one more
with o. L printed on the label - P.25. 6. L. 33.



Up to 1935 the Germans used the platzpatrone 27. In 1930/31 they chanced the primer 88 with the primer 30.
These cartridges where send to the troops for testing. This was mention on the label as Platzpatrone 33 (versuch).
In 1935 they accept the platzpatrone 33 and further labels stamped without versuch on it.

Regards 451kr.


Well that answers the “versuch” question. Thanks a lot for the information. I had seen a label like that once before but failed to notice the versuch in the label. I seem to do a lot of that!!

What do you think about the older label being on top of the newer label?


I found another box with much later dated labels. So, the earlier one was not an isolated incident. I wonder what was going on!?

Does anyone else have a SmE box with a loaders lot of 1944 hlc 49 that is over another label?


Possible solution for “Older-Later” label conundrum…In the 20s and 30s, there was not the Volume of production nor the production imperatives of the late 30s and wartime, so the factories would have “repacked” ammo, and even made Replacement labels, even though of an older production Lot…hence the “older” label over the “Versuch” label of a later date. The “Older” label may have been in stock in any case… never throw anything away, it might come in useful one day…

Later on, they repacked with labels saying “unbekant” ( unknown" for the Lots etc,) as an easy way out.

Just a thought…But the experimental label is a real find.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.