Unusual German WWI 9mm P08 label by "UN"

A couple of years ago, I obtained the box pictured below. The rounds are headstamped “UN 3 17” and loaded with a CNCS RN bullet. The box label doesn’t follow any of the conventions of the German Army box label of the time.

Has anyone else seen a similar label, either by UN or some other manufacturer?

Anyone have an idea why this box has this style label.

Ideas appreciated.


Lew, an educated guess would be ‘Utendoerffer Nürnberg’. But if that makes sense?

Hi Lew,

I think Vlim is right.
If you have the ECRA book: Patronen für Hilfs und Beutehandfeuerwaffen des Zeitraums 1914 bis 1938
you will find on page 9 a 7.9MM x 57 cartridge with headstamp UN. On page 108 you will find that this is:
Rhein. Westf. Sprengstoff AG vorm H. Uttendoerffer Nuernberg.


Guys, I think Lew is talking about the label style, not about Uttendoerffer Nürnberg


Dutch is correct. I have a number of “UN” (Uttendoerffer Nürnberg) from WWI that are the normal German WWI Army format like the WWI Spandau boxes illustrated in some of my recent post on Munitionsanstalts http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13732.

This box has an almost commercial look to it, and does not comply with the requirements for an Army label. Perhaps it was for the German Navy??? It uses the “08” instead of “04” but the Navy container Fede illustrated in a previous thread is clearly Navy, and the label is dated 1918 and describes the ammo as “08” so sometime between late 1914 and late 1918 the German Navy began referring to 9mm Pb ammo as “08”. My wild guess is that this UN box was procured by or for the German Navy—perhaps…

I posted it to see if anyone had any other ideas.

Interested in what you think.

Thanks for the comments so far.