Unusual GFL bullets-9x19mm


The attached photo illustrates some GFL loads recently documented. If anyone has any information on any of them, please let me know.

Far left: Commercial GFL headstamp-170gr oaw-turned brass bullet-magnetic-apparently has a magnetic core-reportedly experimental or preproduction

2nd from left: Like the round described above but with a RN bullet-160gr oaw.

Middle: This is apparently a production round. Described as zinc core-black primer-commercial GFL headstamp. bullet is magnetic from tip to about 2/3s of the way down to the casemouth. The tip appears to be steel/iron and is very magnetic. Bullet described as TR124. overall weight is 190gr so it is probably a 124gr blt. What would “TR” mean,

2nd from right: This is a frangible load with the normal GFL 9mm 92 headstamp. There has been a 4.5mm hole in the tip with what looks like a rifle bullet inserted. the bullet tip has been cut off flat exposing a magnetic core.

Far right: Identical to the round described above, but without the bullet tip being cut flat.

The latter two bullets are represented as being from a GFL lab???

Any thoughts on these loads would be appreciated.




Well, another case of the disappearing answer. I’ll try this one again.


Weird and wonderful rounds. I am somewhat bemused by the two on the far right though, the two with frangible bullets with a normal/altered projectile in the nose. These would seem to defeat the purpose of both types of ammunition that are, in a sense, represented with these loads. It would defeat the purpose of a frangible bullet, to break up entirely upon impacting a hard surface, and also that of a bullet in a sabot, to increase velocity from any given cartridge.

Further, although I understand fully that experimentals may be made for nothing more tnan a test-barrel fixture and single loaded, neither would fit the magazine of 95% or more of 9 mm weapons.

Odd pair of rounds. Hope something will surface on what in heck the intended purpose of the rounds, or the experiment was. On the surface, they seem to be nonsensical, although regardless of my basic ignorance, I understand that things like these may be for purposes unthought of by anyone but the designer and/or testing personnel.

John Moss


Lew, is the material on those 2 to the right the same as we know from the “normal” GFL frangibles? Your’s here look almost like cardboard or some fabric. An x-ray would probably shed some more light on tese.
Might they be sabotted rather than frangible?


I should have some info about #1 and #2 somewhere. Will take a look


The two on the right look like frangibles that have been drilled out and a small caliber rifle bullet put in. Showed up with a very well connected source. Are they legit??? I don’t know. John M is right, they would not feed in most pistols. There are some other lab rounds that I have seen that were used to test rifle bullets. These could have been intended to launch the rifle bullet at a metal plate or some such target to simulate a longer range impact of the bullet. The frangible material would shatter and the rifle bullet impact could be studied perhaps. That is the only reason I can imagine for these rounds. Just a wild guess on my part.