Unusual M13 7.62x51 belt link?


the left one on the picture has no hole in the single half-loop. It’s marked with “M13 WM I”. Is it an early version of the normal one with the hole (right one)? Or for export? Or whatever?
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I think the one with no hole is a newer style.



but with this change in shape it should be named M13A1 (i.e.), or not?

btw: what’s the meaning of the single letters under the maunfacturer-codes? I spotted different ones in combination with different producers.

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I do not think that just the deletion of the hole would be significant enough to warrant a change in the nomenclature. Are there other differences between these two links that I am not seeing? I beleive that the different letters may indicate which machine or station or forming die that the link was formed on for quality control purposes.

I’m not a link expert by any means but long ago I collected them along with everything else cartridge related!



There are no other hidden differences between the links.

Thanks for your opinion about the single letters.