Unusual pistol ammo and stripper clip with thumb push

I recently acquired an unusual stripper clip loaded with nine rounds of 8mm pistol ammo. The stripper clip includes a thumb push. Both the stripper clip and the rounds have GR stamped on them. Most of the rounds have the date 1914 stamped on them. One round has 1909 stamped on it. One round, dated 1910, has a W headstamp, rather than GR. The bullets are silver in color. They measure 8.07 mm in diameter. The cartridges are brass and they measure

28.81 mm in overall length. The cases are 18.8 6 mm in length. The heads measure 8.83 mm. I would appreciate you help in identifying these items. Thank you.

I sent one picture twice and left off the most important one. Here it is:

8mm Roth Steyr

Another site with info-


I need not add any identification of the clip since the quote sources tell it all, but I can add that the loaded clips came in a buff cardboard box holding the single clip and cartridges, only. It is stamp in a purple-colored ink, (Total markings are on three sides, including the top lid, printed to read by rotating the box) are:

10 Stück
8 mm M. 7 Schf. R. P.
Lichtenwörth A. VII. 1914
(M.11 - rest of the line, beginning with letters “Plat…” is illegible.)

Following this is “Made in Italy” in pretty much the same color ink and font, but obviously added later since it is in English and wrongly identifies the country of origin, which of course, is the Austro-Hungarian Empire. My charger, which is full, is marked with the GR monogram of the Georg Roth company, enclosed in a circle. Cartridge characteristic are the same as mentioned and with headstamp 19 / I / 14 / GR / (with the GR letters intertwined in trademark form). The box is simply a rectangular buff box sized to the loaded clip, and with a cloth pull-tab attached to the top side. The top side of my box has been completely separated from the box, but It somehow remained with the box over the years, telling me it was probably opened by a collector long after it was made.

John Moss

If you are looking to sell this stripper clip let me know