Unusual Remington paper shotshell with C.S. on wad cover

Anybody know what CS means. There is what looks to be an 8 written in pencil laterally above the C.S. The head stamp is the typical Remington Express 12 ga with a copper colored primer.

Someone suggested chilled shot. Makes sense but any definitive answer?

Anybody ever seen one before?

I am selling it and would like to have a fair valuation

I’ve seen thousands of paper Remington shells and have never encountered one like this

Does it feel typically heavy as a shot shell with lead pellets might? In that case I would go with “chilled shot”. If it feels unusually light, then it could be Tear Gas, of which CS is one type.

Think this might be a Wingert chain shot example, most of his had a hand written top wad, but as I’m not home I can’t check.
Winger was a Pennsylvania hand loaded in the 30’s, 40’s ?

Pete, your identification is correct, but “C.S.” stands for “Controlled-Spread”. The full name of this cartridge is “Wingert’s Controlled-Spread Buckshot Load”, it is loaded with stringed buckshot and was also made in 16 and 20 ga.

Thanks so much Any idea about value or even collect-ability?