Unusual shotshell load- "cremains"

“…the deceased veteran received a special kind of tribute in keeping with his personality – Clint loaded 50, 12-gauge shotgun shells with his father’s ashes and fired them off with the help of relatives and friends.”

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Because of my hernia repair my body contains a lot of plastic. I hope I’ll become a non-lethal 00 buck and will end up in Pepper’s “very special” load display. I think I’ve just started a new trend - emo ammo jokes :)

The group of people I shoot ‘clays’ with has done this on 4 occasions. There was an individual offering loading service using the departed’s ashes.

When Bob (Robert W.) Faris passed some of his remains were put into a dynamite laden target & put out on the range at Big Sandy for the machine gun shooters to help spread his ashes.

See mgshooters.com, although I don’t know if that video is still up.

This is done at Bisley regularly. Some of Pete Davis’s ashes, of Davis & LeClair, were fired over the range.