Unusual solid charge for muzzleloaders

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This is a smokeless solid charge produced by my friend saverio Bonazza some years ago.
It was intenede to be used in his underhammer muzzleloading rifles and pistols.
He passed away some years ago so it is not produced anymore.
I thouhgt some of you may be interested.

Martin - Firstly, I see nothing wrong at all with posting this. This kind of item is totally and without reservation part of “ammunition” and very interesting to boot. You are not discussing how much of what to put in what cartridge, so their is no “foul” here at all.

I see he is burning a charge in the palm of his hand. That is incredible. Can you tell us more about this? I saw recently something similar, but probably not identical.

In the current (February 2009 issue, page 34) of Guns Magazine. It is a product called “White Hots” and they are little cylindrical pre-measured, solid charges of propellant for muzzle-loaders put out by IMR company. No time right now to cover it any more than that.

Thanks for asking.
I would like not to forget all the working of my friend.
These were solid charge made for many years by Saverio Bonazza in Balcarce, Argentina.
He offered them in .50 only as he also made .50 underhammer rifles and pistols and a curious three barreled underhammer carbine. If you add some BP as a primer you can shoot it in capslock guns.
The box have 21 charges, or 20+1 as it sounds better.LOL.
It was easy to load, it have almost no residue and develop less pressure than black powder according to his experiments (he made his own pressure gun with crushers). It was almost pure nitrocellulose so it leaves very little residue.
It was also so easy to make that he handmade them on the cellar (no electricity for safety sake).
It is all in the


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Saverio was my mentor, I lern a lot form him the time we shared.
I was at the university and visit him almost every day.
One thing i lern firts was to share all I know with anyone that need the information. He told me once that he worked a lot to lern what he knows (he lerned all by himself, no even finished high scool) so he teach all to everyone.
thank you all for this warm site!


PS: beg your pardon for my english!

Martin - just keep posting all that good information you have been helping us all with, and never mind your “poor English.” Your English is totally understandable and communication among friends and colleagues is all that matters - you communicate to the Forum perfectly well. You should see my bad Spanish!