Unusual torpedo carrier


I bumped into this 2 torpedo carrying 1934 wonder while watching History Channel’s “Secret Russian Aircraft of WWII”. What an idea!!!
fantastic-plastic.com/Ushako … b_Page.htm


Freaking AWESOME! I have never heard of this. Is it real? I’d love to have a civilian model. To cool!


This was more of an idea than reality.


I hope someone makes it a reality soon. Such a great idea. Heck, they have flying cars, why not subs.


I think there are plenty of technical reasons why such a thing can not be realized.


Guessing you are totally right on that. Still, it is such a cool idea.


By the way, there was also a flying tank in communist mythology.



Hadn’t seen that before. Thanks for posting it.

That’s one of those things where it would be priceless to have seen the look on the engineer’s face when presented with the project! “…Yes, we can design submarines. Yes, we can design airplanes. But… you say you want what??? Perhaps this should wait until we finish the flying tank feasibility study…”

In reality, the flying sub is probably a lot more realistic with today’s material technology but getting a full sized tank airborne would still require a bunch of thrust and some big honkin’ wings…



Hey guys, we have a flying tank - armored to the hilt, hard to destroy, and enough fire-power to defeat almost anything on the battlefield. Its nicknamed the “Wart Hog!!!” :-) :-)

John Moss


So true, John! The best part about the Warthog is it AMMUNITION! I love that gun and those 30’s. Some of the coolest rounds ever! I was told it can put 1 bullet in every square inch of a football field in a few seconds?


I believe the bullet per inch sqaure in a football field was the Vietnam era Puff the Magic Dragon gun ship.


neither is close to accruate. A football field has about 5 million square inches (remember there are almost 1300 square inches in a square yard). That is a LOT more ammo then any aircraft has ever carried.

The gunships carries a lot more ammo than the A-10 but neither comes close to this claim.




U Rule Lew!
Math and logic to the rescue again. :-)

From what I read, a A-10 hold 1350 rounds of 30mm ammunition. So it would take 3704 A-10’s to fill every square inch of a football field. I was WAY OFF. Thanks Lew.




Working with the numbers we can come up with a real world description of the Thunderbolt’s performance…
Football field (not including end zones) is 300’L x 160’W = 5,333.3 Square Yards
Plane capacity = 1,350 rounds
Rate of Fire = 3,900 RPM

So… A group of (4) Thunderbolts could put a round in every square yard of a football field in less than 21 seconds.

While the grounds crew might not like it, it still would be fun to watch as a half-time show!



The AC-47 ca’ 1969/1970 had three miniguns with 2000rds per gun. That is 6000 rds in 20 sec which gives you one 7.62 round/sq yard in 20 sec which is not bad for an old aircraft built in 1943 (I was the maint officer on two of these at Udorne RTAFB in 1969 and they were 1942 and 1943 made C-47s). You would even have a few extra rounds for the end zones!!!



[quote=“APFSDS”]U Rule Lew!
Math and logic to the rescue again. :-)

From what I read, a A-10 hold 1350 rounds of 30mm ammunition. So it would take 3704 A-10’s to fill every square inch of a football field. I was WAY OFF. Thanks Lew.


Jason, one inch has 25.4mm and the GAU-8/A projectiles are 30mm. So basically about 3087 A-10s would do to plug one projectile next to each other into the ground on that area.


Even better! Thanks for your superior math skills :-)



The Russians really did have a flying tank, well a glider anyway.
It was a light weight “Scout” tank fitted with disposable wings and tail section. It was towed behing a fairly large four engine bomber.
This was pre WWII in the 1937 to 1938 period, but they were never used operationally.


I suspect that the “flying submarine” in Vlad’s post was not actually a submarine, but a semi submersible vessel. This is a surface boat that has its hull hidden underwater with only the periscope or tower showing above water, these types of vessels can only cruise on the surface and cannot dive like a submarine. Still, an interesting idea.


In the 20’s and 30’s the Russians actually built the largest airplanes in the world. They had one with 12 or 14 engines! There are pictures of it with what looks like a 105 or so cannon mounted in the nose and a 30 or 40 mm in each wheel pant. Would guess this was for publicity. A cannon that large would probably have broken the plane up in the air. The 75 pack howtizer mounted in a few B-25’s during WW-2 slowed the aircraft down about 50 MPH every time it fired even with a complicated double recoil system. During WW-2 Marmon Harrington designed and built an experemental light tank that was larger than a British Bren Gun carrier and supposed to be carried by a cargo plane but it was never put in production.