UP-DATED catalog # 13 available


Our #13 sale catalog is available as a black and white only, low-res 2.4 meg PDF format download from our site.

The site link is below in our ‘signature’.

Our printer hopes to have catalogs (with 4 pages of color) for us to mail very early June, and the sale close will be June 30th, 2012

Notification postcards for US buyers, and letters for Canadian or overseas buyers will (hopefully) go out late in May.

Thanks & should there be a problem with the download, or anything else, please advise us with an e-mail and not a PM.

THANKS and Keep Your Powder Dry

Pete, a wonderful catalog! Thank you very much.


444 you list a Carcano clip marked " L.N. C-2C" . Are you positive about this mark? It would be C-20

#445 is probably marked “INUF” instead of “INDT” . This unknown factory made steel clips only from 1940 to 1943

PS: great stuff! The 7.65 Glisenti is impressive!!!

In case anyone is wondering and/or for clarification; this sort of post is allowed in the general section as opposed to being required to be placed in the buy/sell/trade folder due to it’s nature as being a reference / collector guide as much as a catalog. Usually offers to sell are restricted to the B/S/T folder, but with all the photos and info on rare & unique cartridges, Pete’s catalogs are as much (or more) a reference item as they are sale books.

Fede & Matt
Thanks very much for the kind words.

Lot #444; your probably 100% correct as to what it is, but if I put down a “O” & not a “C” when someone bought it I’d be wrong. So I put down what things are. See the “WISF” headstamp where the E on the bunter is filled in so it so doesn’t look like an “E” but an “F”.
Jim loved headstamp mistrakes.

As to lot #445, I’ll stick to INDT after a 4th + a few looks + using a glass. The bottom of the “U” on the left side is not rounded and the top of the right side is rounded as it goes towards the left. As to the “F” vs “T” There is no middle bar, not even a hint of one.

Glad your looking at things and keeping me on my toes.

Buy a catalog & bid !!!

italian military headstamps or clip markings of the old ages are often very poorly stamped and misread.

Just a few examples:

The uncommon DCE headstamp is often misread as DOE, The “P” letter is read as “F” and some dates are really difficult to ID, for examples those on SMI Carcano cases from WWI

Clip marks are often even more difficult to read

#487, are you sure it is an AP tracer M41?
The only way to tell it from a M35 tracer is a red annulus around the primer.Both have magnetic bullets since they have steel jackets and identical red tips

Thanks Pete, as always it will be a great catalog which I’ll be ordering.

Just a quick glance through I noticed Lot 175, the 7-30 Walters. I’m sure you meant WATERS…stupid typewriters are always making mistakes.

Hi Pivi
Lot 487 has no annulus color so your saying it is a M-35 tracer?

Huon pg 148 of MILITARY RIFLE & MACHINE GUN CARTRIDGES notes the M-35 tracer with a red-tipped boat tail bullet & a brass case.

The M-35 AP having the headstamp containing the letter “P”

The M-41 as a red-tipped copper-washed steel jacket, which this is.

So I’m asking, why are you so sure the only way to tell the difference is the annulus color. (No I haven’t X-ray it to see if the bullet is boat tailed)

Can you give me some total weights ? With the core in the AP I’d think it should be very different than the tracer only equipped. This one weighs 440.5 grains or 28.55 grams.

Thanks for help with this. I sure wish there was more information about Italian ammunition.

Hi Dean
Thanks for the sharp eyes.

I’ll get it corrected in the printed & when all the typos & mistrakes are picked up I’ll up-date the one on the site.

Best to you both.

Hi, Pete…

Since others are giving you valuable input, I thought I would ask if Lot #280 should actually have a headstamp of F A 9 16…?



Aren’t you glad you posted your catalog here? ;) ;)

I may as well contribute.

#302 - the extended neck cartridges are SALVO I.

#309 - the XM268 bullet is solid steel, copper plated, not GMCS.


Hi Randy
Lot 280 = I think your right it is 9 16 it has thick lacquer & a little movement in the stamping & the 6 does look like an 8 (as does the 9) but your correct.

Hi Ray

Lot 302= SALVO I, thank you.

Lot 309= Scranton in his color codes book pg 323 with this headstamp lists the low Recoil XM268 90 gr. bullet as “a lead core and tracer canister” & a “GMCS” jacket. ???

Thanks guys it would be nice to be right all the time, but not in this life! So it’s good to get things correct when it hits print.

Going over to do a final proof tomorrow AM.

Keep your powder dry


I don’t have the weights of the M35 tracer and the M41 AP tracer but according to the CESIM database the only way to tell them apart is the red annulus around the primer of the M41

Join CESIM for every info about italian ammo. The forum section is free but there’s a little annual fee for the other website sections. CESIM stands for “Collezionisti e studiosi italiani di munizioni” and is the italian speaking section of ECRA.

Giovanni will write a full description of CESIM on this forum


Pete - Email sent regarding the bullet.


The corrected, up-dated catalog, is now up on our site.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to edit it and point out problems.


keep your powder dry