UPDATE ON GENE SCRANTON (Sunday, 30 Sep 2012)

Just heard from Norm Hower. Gene is still at Tucson Medical Center, he had a mild heart attack and has congestion in his lungs. Of course he is still weak. He is in Room 535, Bed 2. He does have a phone in his room.

At this point they do not have any idea when he would go back to the rehab facility.

Eugene L. Scranton (Room 535, Bed 2)
Tucson Medical Center
5301 E. Grant Road
Tucson, Az 85712

Phone: (520) 327-5461

My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. He is a fine gentleman, tireless researcher, dedicated author, and a credit to our hobby. I wish him well, and thank him for his many years of hard work.

HWS Volume 3 is a great legacy, but it will be even better if his health permits a fourth volume in that monumental and most valuable project, which are a great tribute to his co-authors (and their rookie editor for volume 3) as well.