Update on GENE SCRANTON (Wed, 10 Oct 2012)

I called Bill Woodin today and he gave me an update on Gene Scranton.

Gene, after suffering a mild heart attack over a week ago, was moved back to Tucson Medical Center from the rehab facility. He continues to be weak and needs to eat more.

Gene must be improving as they have moved him back to the rehab facility that he was at before.

The address of the rehab is:

Eugene L. Scranton, Room 211
Sabino Canyon Care and Rehabilitation
5830 E. Pima Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85712

He has a phone in his room and can answer it himself (unless they have him out for rehab).
The phone number is: (520) 722-5515

I am sure Gene would appreciate hearing from you by mail or phone. It would brighten his day…

Sending lots of healing positive vibes and prayers his way! I hope he has some great IAA Journals to read threw while he is recovering.


his direct room phone # is 520 547 2885

The 5515 number that is listed above can’t forward to his room.

I am “0 for 2” in getting a card to Gene. Both times they have been returned (RTS), presumably arriving at the hospital when they transfer him (supposedly twice now; in spite of having never really transferred the first time)…to the point I called the hospital and confirmed the address and bed number.

I will mail again on Monday to the Rehab Center, as it is apparent the hospital does not forward the mail.