Update on Gene Scranton

Norm Hower called and gave me an update on Gene Scranton.

Today, Tuesday, he was moved from Tucson Medical Center to a rehab facility.

During the operation Gene had, they removed about 12 inches of his large intestine. Of course he is weak but was getting “cabin fever” at TMC. He was put on a solid food diet but was not eating because he did not like the food and wanted to get out of there…

His new address is:

Eugene L. Scranton, Room 211
Sabino Canyon Care and Rehabilitation
5830 E. Pima Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85712

He has a phone in his room and can answer it himself (unless they have him out for rehab).
The phone number is: (520) 547-2885

I am sure Gene would appreciate hearing from you by mail or phone. It would brighten his day…