Update to my Collection of 2mm Rimfire and 2mm Pinfire Boxes


As always, CLiCK Image for a Much LARGER Version

The middle box says “20 berloques-patronen” It is actually for the 2mm pinfire cartridges. Those cartridges usually came in the little pill containers.

The red and blue one on the bottom is the most rare out of all of these. It is probably the oldest too. It is for the longer, 2mm thin rim cartridges that were manufactured with a bullet.

All the rest are for the shorter, thick rim 2mm rimfire blanks.

Anyone else have any different ones?


“The middle box says “20 berloques-patronen”. It is actually for the 2 mm pinfire cartridges.”

The term “Berloque” (sometimes seen spelled “Breloque,” which is probably not correct) properly described the 2 mm Pinfire cartridges in the tin. This term is applied most correctly when referring to the tiny, 2 mm pinfire and rimfire, break-open, single-shot pistols made primarily in Austria. It has been extended to include almost any of the so-called “watch-fob” miniatures, although again, that may be a misuse of the word.

Unfortunately, even books like “The Tiniest Guns,” by Bob Urso, a study of these and other small (miniature) pistols and “rifles” (we are talking about rifles averaging 4 to 5-1/2 inches long), do not explain the origins of the word Berloque as applying to firearms. That is, I do not know from my brief research this evening where the word comes from. “Breloque,” the seldom seen alternate spelling is the French word for trinkets or charms, so that word would fit well to
these pistol even though it is not the preferred spelling.

The German-language book, “Waffen Lexikon,” by Lampel and Mahroldt, in my own abbreviated and perhaps suspect translation says:

 "Berloque-Pistölchen - Miniature pistol for 2 mm Pinfire cartridges, that were used on watch fobs."  

Again, I have abbreviated this quite a bit, as much of the definition, is beyond my poor German skills. The line cited is about 1/3 of the given definition.

I understood from the words “IT IS ACTUALLY FOR THE 2 MM PINFIRE CARTRIDGES” that there might be some confusion over what the term meant. Aaron may be well aware of that, but I thought it might be good to give the best explanation of the term here for those that may not have heard of it before. Berloque-patronen is a perfectly apt term as applied to the ammunition in question.

John Moss